Why Choose Factory Authorized Parts™?

If you’re looking for the fastest, easiest way to repair your customers’ Carrier® and Toshiba® equipment, you should know that Factory Authorized Parts are always the right choice. When you choose to install a Factory Authorized Part, you’ll not only find an exact, drop-in replacement, but you’ll also find an option that maintains original OEM efficiency – that means less time on the job for you, and a better solution for your customer.

Factory Authorized Parts provide real benefits to both you and your customers:


One of the primary benefit of Factory Authorized Parts is the timesaving they offer. Products such as gas valves, lengths, electrical connections and mounting characteristics are all exact, which make your job easier, and provides a real benefit to your customers as well.


When you use Factory Authorized Parts in your customers’ equipment, you maintain the manufacturer’s warranty, the original system efficiency, and engineered sound requirements.

If you are a homeowner with Carrier® and Toshiba® equipment installed in your home, be sure to ask your technician to use Factory Authoriszd Parts whenever they make repairs on your heating or cooling equipment. That way, you’ll know the parts being used have been specifically designed and built for your equipment. They provide the perfect fit, and restore your equipment to its original performance.

So take care of your customer’s Carrier® and Toshiba® equipment the right way – choose Factory Authorized Parts every time you need to make a repair.


Totaline® is the Right Choice for H.V.A.C.R. Parts.

Totaline’s ability to draw on national and international contacts, including contacts with multi-manufacturing operations provided the edge in a feisty marketplace.

When you need aftermarket parts, you need a company you can rely on to provide quality products at an affordable price, all in one place. Totaline was, and still is, a major aftermarket brand, and when you consider our numerous product and equipment offerings, it’s easy to see how Totaline can help you get what you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Totaline offer a quality line-up of products that you can easily stock up with, so that you’re prepared for any HVAC/R emergency. Choose from numerous high quality Totaline-branded products, including:

Choose from numerous high quality Totaline-branded products, including:

  • Air Movement
  • Refrigeration (coming soon)
  • AC Install
  • Tools
  • Copper (coming soon)
  • Refrigerants, Oils and Consumables (coming soon)
  • Compressors (coming soon)


And, your Totaline Sales Center provides many other great brands.

Totaline branded parts are top quality HVAC/R parts that are designed to fit and service many brands of equipment. When you shop at Totaline, you’ll find a number of quality products to help you with all your customers’ needs with our range of Factory Authorized Parts™. Under the Factory-Authorized label (FAP), the Replacement Components Division has direct replacement parts for Carrier air conditioners and Chillers and Toshiba air conditioners.

If you’re a homeowner, you should feel confident when your HVAC/R technician uses Totaline products and parts on your home comfort equipment. Totaline products are subject to rigorous testing, and are engineered to provide you with a superior product that you can rely on for the comfort and safety of your family. At Totaline, we work hard to develop the best tools, products and equipment that provide homeowners with a value solution to their HVAC/R needs. Ask your technician if they rely on quality Totaline products.

To find out how you can put the Totaline product line-up to work for your business today, visit your local Totaline branch. There, one of our friendly counter staff will be more than happy to help you stock up with the quality Totaline products and equipment you need to help your HVAC/R business succeed!


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